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Founded in 1996 in the bustling city of Shenzhen,China by current owner and CEO Dr. Zhang Yuzhi,Datum has since evolved into a data processing specialist offering a full range of services from data entry and capture to data conversion and document management. Through its 17 years in business, Datum has enjoyed steady development and growth in terms of size, quality , range of services and revenue. Today, it is one of the largest data processing companies in China and is widely recognized as a leader in technology development and research.

Facilities and People

Apart from its headquarters in Shenzhen, Datum also has regional administrative offices and processing facilities in many parts of China, Europe and the USA. It is equipped with state-of-the-art scanners, high speed reliable servers, and hundreds of multi-tasking workstations housed in modern office buildings.

Datum currently has over 1,000 full-time employees including managers, marketing, customer services, technical support, administrative staff, and over 100 engineers and developers. All Datum operators undergo extensive technical, work ethics and operational skills training, and only qualified operators can work on production lines. Datum constantly upgrades its R&D team through skill and knowledge programs and the introduction of fresh members to keep Datum at the leading edge of technology.


From its inception, Datum’s management team had decided to use technology as the foundation and driving force for the company’s development and growth. Technical innovation and creativity have been the feature of every stage of Datum's development. A few highlights include:

  • Pioneering the assembly line approach for character recognition
  • Developing accurate recognition technology
  • Utilzing multi-language document processing
  • Implementing quantifiable, intelligent quality control


Datum has processed over one hundred billion characters in documents in 30+ languages. It is capable of taking on just about any data processing job that exists. Datum has served and is still serving thousands of customers worldwide, many of them long-term and repeat customers. A few records that illustrate Datum’s achievements include:

  • Digitizing 100+ newspapers and magazines
  • Digitizing over one million titles of books
  • Processing tens of millions of forms and tables
  • Processing documents in many languages including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic and more
  • Implementing signature recognition - Datum leads the industry with 80% accuracy
  • Converting data between dozens of file and data formats

Datum Philosophy

  • To do business worthy of our society, our customers and our conscience
  • To serve, develop and grow with our customers
  • To set diligence and technology as the foundation of Datum and the driving force behind its development and growth.
  • “Aim high, work hard” – Datum’s next development goal is to become the first publically stock market-listed data processing company in China.


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